Cobalt Rings & Wedding Bands

Cobalt Chrome, also known as cobalt, is an extremely hypoallergenic metal used for decades in medical implants. This metal is just as white as platinum or white gold and is very durable. It has better scratch resistance than titanium wedding bands, and is much whiter in color. Cobalt chrome rings and wedding bands, also called cobalt rings for short, are ideal for couples who need their wedding rings to match the color of white gold or platinum, yet be very affordable.  Our basic style cobalt rings start at just under $100. The cobalt in cobalt rings is not harmful and will not react with your skin.  If you have heard that rings should not contain cobalt, that is referring to cobalt in tungsten rings.  Different elements react differently when they are combined with each other.  Cobalt combined with chrome forms a very stable and strong bond.  Therefore, it will not react with your body to form an allergic reaction, which is why cobalt chrome is used extensively in the medical implant industry.

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There are many different types of cobalt chrome.  Depending on the application, the chemical composition is changed slightly.  Industrial applications for this metal can be found in gas turbine engines, jet engines, power generation, dental implants, and medical implants.  Cobalt chrome used in the medical industry contain very minute amounts of nickel, just 0.5%.  This is because nickel reacts with the human body to cause allergic reactions in people.  Jewelry grade cobalt chrome is very similar to medical grade cobalt chrome.  Therefore, cobalt rings are hypoallergenic and make a great alternative for people who like white gold, but are allergic to it.  by: