Triton Rings and Triton Wedding Bands

Triton Rings are made for today's active men who require their rings be as rugged and tough as they are.  We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Triton Rings, which means we only carry the best designer brand name tungsten rings on the market today.  Triton makes many of their styles in plain tungsten, white tungsten and black tungsten.  They also have a variety of styles with precious metal inlays, such as platinum, gold and silver.  To add even more luxury, they have styles with one, three of many diamond settings.  Feel free to contact us if you don't see a particular style on our site.  Since we are an authorized Triton Rings dealer, we can get any style they make for you.

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Triton Rings can be found across the US and Canada in the finest jewelry stores.  They are sold by both independent jewelers and chain jewelers.  Triton has built a solid reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of tungsten carbide rings.  Their prices are higher than all other manufacturers because they know they have excellent quality.  Their rings come with a lifetime fit policy, which allows you to exchange your ring for a different size throughout the course of your lifetime in case you finger size ever changes.  There is only a minimal fee of $40 to cover shipping, handling and re-manufacturing of the new ring.  by: