What is the color of tungsten?

What is the color of tungsten rings?  It is not easy to explain with words what the color of tungsten is, so we have created a chart that compares the color of tungsten to other metals used to manufacture wedding bands.  The left side of the chart shows the least white metals and the right side of the chart shows the most white metals.  As you can see, the yellow gold ring is the least white, so it is on the left side of the chart.  Tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel all have about the same color, which is a light grayish color, so that puts them at about the middle of the spectrum

 The lightest or most white color metals are palladium, white gold, platinum, cobalt chrome, silver, and white tungsten.  They are all roughly the same in whiteness, but they do have slightly different hues.  Most people will not be able to distinguish one metal from another if they do not have the other metals to look at as a comparison.  If you compare the whitest metals, you will see palladium has a slightly yellowish hue. While platinum, cobalt chrome, silver, and white gold have a slightly reddish hue.  White tungsten does appear slightly whiter than platinum, but the difference is minimal.

Note: The color of rings can change slightly depending on its surroundings and lighting because metals reflect what is around them.  This is why sometimes rings appear slightly different in person than online.  Another reason is because from one computer monitor to another there may be slight differences in how they display color.  If you have ever been to a store that sells TVs you might recall seeing all the TVs turned to the same channel and noticed there were color variations from one TV to the next.