12mm Tungsten Rings

Wide, bold and ready to make a statement, the 12mm tungsten ring collection at Larson Jewelers is ready for action. These wedding bands are ideal for those who like rings that are wider and bolder than the typical wedding band, especially since they come in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes.

12mm Tungsten Rings

While you may automatically put the rings into the men's wedding band category due to their width, our 12mm bands can also work for women who prefer a single wider ring over two thinner rings.

12mm Tungsten Ring Options

The first thing you'll notice about our 12mm ring collection is the variety of sleek and sophisticated styles. Plain tungsten rings make a statement on their own, no further embellishments required.

If you do want to add an extra layer of pizazz, a real wood inlay is the perfect way to do it. Authentic wood is carefully inlaid into the tungsten carbide base, and then sealed with a protectant for optimum longevity.

Style choices for this wide ring collection include beveled, flat and domed. Go for a high-gloss sheen with a polished finish, or opt for a brushed finish that is less shiny but no less eye-catching.

Tungsten Wedding Band Benefits

Striking good looks are high on the list of tungsten wedding band benefits, and so is durability. As one of the strongest materials on earth, tungsten is scratch-resistant and tough. It's also able to withstand active lifestyles, making it the ideal ring for outdoor enthusiasts. Another tungsten perk is its look. It can easily mimic the look of higher-priced metals, such as platinum or white gold, but cost a fraction of the price.

With a 10-year history of satisfying customers, Larson Jewelers is at your service. Give us a call with any questions or if you'd like additional guidance for choosing your perfect ring. We're always happy to help. Browse our collection of 12mm wedding bands today.