6mm Tungsten Rings

For wedding bands that are as tough as they are stylish, shop the six mm tungsten ring selection at Larson Jewelers. These strong and durable rings are available in black, grey and white tungsten, with different inlay, plating and style options available.

6mm Tungsten Rings

You'll find tungsten wedding bands with precious metals, including gold, as well as those featuring diamond settings. The six mm ring is the most popular men's wedding band width, and it's also ideal for women who like a slightly wider ring or wider inlay.

Six mm Tungsten Ring Options

The incredible array of colors and styles is the first thing you're likely to notice in this collection. Our inlay choices include real wood, along with a wide scope of colors. Go for blue, green, red, pink, purple or yellow inlays, with camo and leopard print also in the mix. Additional inlay options include mother of pearl, opal, silver, platinum, palladium and gold.

Our six mm ring styles are equally as vast. Choices here include domed, flat, beveled and step edges, along with hammered, grooved, concave, faceted, carved, engraved and raised options. Go for a shiny, polished finish, or opt for a lower-key brushed or satin finish.

Benefits of Six mm Rings

One of the greatest beauties of the six mm ring is its versatile width. The ring is wide enough to make a notable statement that won't eclipse any other stylish accessories you choose. This is also something to consider if you have smaller hands that may become overwhelmed with an extremely wide wedding band.

The material used is another huge advantage, as tungsten is one of the strongest metals on earth. It's durable, scratch-resistant and ready for stylish action, meant to retain its original shimmer and shine for years to come.

Custom laser-engraving options are likewise available with all of our rings. Select whatever text or symbols you'd like. We can engrave on the ring's interior as well as the exterior of certain styles. Call us with any questions or if you'd like additional guidance selecting the perfect wedding band. Browse the collection of six mm tungsten rings at Larson Jewelers today.