7mm Tungsten Rings

If you're finding a six mm ring too narrow and an eight mm ring too wide, Larson Jewelers has you covered with a selection of seven mm wedding bands. While tungsten wedding bands that are seven mm wide are not commonly ordered, we can custom make them upon request.

7mm Tungsten Rings

This width aligns perfectly with many of the styles we carry, which gives you a generous selection from which to choose. Still not finding what you're looking for? Give us a call and we'll let you know if we can create it in the seven mm width.

Seven mm Tungsten Ring Options

Our tungsten rings are available in a variety of colors and styles, with a number of inlay options also in the lineup. You can opt for a plain tungsten ring in black, white, gray or rose gold, sticking with a sleek and simplistic style.

Amp up the style even further with a stunning inlay. Choices here include wood, yellow, silver, chrome and camo. Carbon fiber inlays are also available, as are those in gold.

Style options for our seven mm tungsten rings include domed, flat and beveled, or you can go for rounded edges or a grooved, concave or raised center surface. Fans of a glossy finish will adore the polished tungsten rings, or you can select a brushed or satin finish for more of a matte look.

Tungsten Wedding Band Benefits

Perhaps the greatest benefit if a tungsten wedding band is its durability. Tungsten is one of the strongest materials on earth. It's also scratch-resistant and particularly well-suited for the active lifestyle.

Another perk is the material's ability to mimic higher-priced precious metals, giving you the same beauty and sheen at a more affordable price. In our 10 years in the jewelry business, we've heard from hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who were pleased to find exactly what they wanted at Larson Jewelers.

Offering options like the seven mm wedding band is one of our keys to success, ensuring as many people as possible can find the perfect, high-quality ring. Contact us with any questions, or browse our collection today.