Dinosaur Bone Rings

Our dinosaur bone rings are created from agatized fossils ethically harvested from the USA. Each ring is one of a kind, with distinctive colors and patterns. Shop our collection of gold, tungsten and titanium dinosaur bone bands.

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Dinosaur Rings

For a truly unique wedding ring, choose a modern band with an ancient material. Nature has created the perfect medium in our stunning dinosaur bone wedding bands.

Over 65 million years, dinosaur bones have laid buried in sediment. Each became infused with minerals creating beautiful colorful fossils. Since each fossil has its own unique color and cell structure, a dinosaur bone ring is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art. No two rings will ever look exactly the same.

Millions of years in the making, these dinosaur rings are inlaid with authentic dinosaur bone pieces and set in durable tungsten metal. An expert craftsman selects the best bone for each ring, and colors range from red to blue to pink.

A dinosaur bone wedding ring is great way to say forever. You can also find unique looks in camo wedding rings for the camouflage look or outdoorsman rings in our manly wedding rings collection.