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We believe every piece you introduce into your home should be personal—a true reflection of how you live and what you love. The artisans at our Texas-based factory have over 250 years of experience in crafting fully custom bed, bath and table linens to your exact specifications. From our family to yours, it's time to enjoy beautifully bespoke pieces, crafted uniquely for you.

  1. Make Your Valentine's Day Anything But Ordinary

    Shopping for gifts can be a little bit stressful, and for Valentine's Day, the pressure is on to provide the perfect present. Chocolates, flower bouquets or diamond jewelry are traditional choices, but what if these aren't the right option for your relationship? We've put together a guide to suggest some memorable items that suit a variety of tastes and budgets...
  2. The Wedding Ring Guide

    The Meaning and Facts Behind Wedding Rings   People have been exchanging rings as a feature of their wedding festivities since Ancient Egyptian times, when the circle was viewed as a symbol of eternity. The Romans gave us the idea of wearing the wedding band on the “ring finger,” as they believed it was connected to the heart via the...

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