Monthly Archives: November 2013

  1. Best Tuxedos for Men on Their Big Day

     by: Aaron E. Silvers (flickr)

    When I was younger I mistakenly thought that all men's tuxedos were pretty much the same. They were the penguin suits that men wore to weddings, proms, and other fancy events. I assumed they came in different colors (my father's cream colored suit pictured in my parent's wedding album served"..."

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  2. Understanding Ring Styles

    Diamonds are beautiful, stunning and magnificent. The adjectives are infinite. Without the right style to propel your ring into the spotlight, you would be left with a valuable, loose diamond. That is why I am here to explain the several types of styles. Of course, there are general styles"..."

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  3. How to Propose to your Man

     Photo By: Fotos Gratis: Flickr

    Asking a man to marry you half a century ago was unthinkable. Society had taught us that it was the"..."

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  4. How to Tastefully Wear Men's Jewelry

     By: Charlie V. Antonio Flickr

    How to Tastefully Wear Men's Jewelry

    It's interesting to me how different fashion is from one gender to the next, and how much of a statement items as simple as gold chains or men's rings can make. I personally love a piece of statement jewelry from time to time; however"..."

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  5. The Element Titanium compares to other Metals

     by Bill Abbott (Flickr)

    The Element Titanium Compared to Other Metals

    Hello everybody! I'm back to once again talk to you about titanium! Shiny! You may remember the blog post I did about titanium rings a few weeks back where I explained why titanium men's rings are such a great option. Well, I'm back"..."

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  6. Gems for Every Month: Decoding Birthstones

     by Bryce Edwards flickr

    I won't say I put a ton of stock in determining what a person is like by their star sign or their birthstone or anything like that, but I can't say I'm not sometimes fascinated by how spot on these things can be. Working for Larson, one of the things I'm noticing is how accurate birthstones actually"..."

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