Monthly Archives: August 2014

  1. The Best Wedding Gift Ideas Via Pinterest

    Photo:  Credit: Image by Wicker Paradise (Flickr) Caption: Fill a cute picnic basket with lightweight tableware, a blanket, and some great food for an intimate picnic gift for the new couple.

    Photo:  Credit: Image by SherryCreates (Flickr) Caption: Add some pasta, sauce, and all of the Italian necessities to a colander"..."

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  2. Put Me Back On - Funny Ring Engraving on Tungsten Carbide Ring

    Over the years we have seen just about every type of engraving you can think of; cute, playful, inside jokes, wedding dates, vows, bible verses, heartfelt and even funny.  One of the engravings that strikes me the funniest is the "Put Me Back On" engraving.  It takes the right kind of person to take the joke but this is definitely"..."

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  3. The Pros & Cons of Tungsten Carbide Rings

    We are often asked what the pros and cons of tungsten rings.  The difference between tungsten rings and gold rings lets say is vast so we decided to make a chart that lays out the most common pros and cons of tungsten carbide rings."..."

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  4. Refreshing Cocktails for Summer Weddings

    When summer wedding season is underway, you know you're in for some lovely and refreshing cocktails at all of the outdoor weddings. The temperatures are high and the sun is shining, so you want your food and drink selections to be cool and refreshing. Wedding cocktails should be symbolic and beautiful and should offer your guests"..."

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  5. Happy Birthday August: All About Peridot

    August's birthstone is the peridot, which is a vivid green stone with a hint of gold that comes in many variations of color, from a yellow green to a greenish brown. Usually, most people with August birthdays prefer to wear the stones that are more lime green or olive green in color. With it being a summer birthstone, peridot"..."

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