1. In Honor of Our Veterans

    In Honor of Our Veterans

    In Honor of Our Veterans: Kicking Our Veteran's Day Jewelry Sale Off Right

    Veteran’s Day 2020 is almost here. A lot of people will be firing up the grill, kicking back for the weekend, or even doing some shopping. Before we dive into some of our amazing Veteran’s Day jewelry sales, let’s backtrack a"..."

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  2. The Best 10 Tungsten Wedding Bands

    Tungsten Wedding bands have proven to be a great choice for engagement and promise rings for both men and woman. Tungsten Wedding bands have established there effect on displaying infinite and everlasting love.  These rings ensure the benefits of durability, quality and affordability. Tungsten provides an endless amount of qualities"..."

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  3. 10 Things You Can Start Planning for Your Wedding Now

    So, the date is set, or you have a time frame in mind. Congratulations! Now the fun begins!

    Wedding planning is one of the most involved and lengthy processes you will experience in your lifetime. You have to find and book a venue. Accounting for guests is necessary. Lodging, catering, food, and entertainment must be"..."

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  4. Larson’s Guide to the Art of Rings Engraving

    The Rings Engraving Process

    Are you curious how Larson transfers your messages to loved ones into a tiny little ring that you wear each day?

    Have you ever wondered what it takes for us to imprint customized texts and symbols into a metal surface"..."

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  5. Why Is Purple Heart Wood Purple?

    Why Is Purple Heart Wood Purple?

    Purple heart wood is purple because of it's heartwood extractives.  Specific cells within the wood conduct sap and store nutrients and over a period of many years, the purple heart tree no longer requires the entire trunk to conduct sap and the central part of the stem begins

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  6. Introducing Handprint and Footprint Engraved Rings

    If you didn't know yet, fingerprints are extremely popular engravings to get on the inside or outside of your wedding band.  We wanted to extend this unique kind of engraving and have added full handprint and footprint engraved"..."

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  7. Color Changing Inlay and Alexandrite Gemstone Setting: The Perfect Match

    Some of the newest additions to our collection of tungsten carbide and black ceramic gemstone wedding bands are the CERULEAN and the KLEIN.  At first sight, these rings instantly capture your attention with their beautiful color changing gradient inlay.  The"..."

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  8. New Diamond Ring Styles 2015

    The latest tungsten styles to be added to our diamond tungsten ring collection are the BLACKSTONE"..."

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  9. Spinner Ring Origins and Uses

    Spinner wedding rings have a unique feature that no other wedding band contains, but the meaning behind the spinning motion is far more powerful than most realize! Spinner rings derive from the ancient religion of Buddhism where Tibetan Buddhist used metal spinning cylinders with sacred text engraved on outer surface to recite"..."

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  10. RIGEL & SIRIUS - Deep Blue inside Color Tungsten Wedding Bands

    SIRIUS Tungsten Comfort Fit Wedding Band with Brush Center Bright Bevels and Deep"..."
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