Weddings can be costly events. When you are trying to come up with ideas that will make your big day spectacular while saving you a bit of money, do-it-yourself ideas are the best. When we step back and make certain items ourselves, they become more personal and sentimental. Wedding favors are the perfect items to make by hand: They will give your guests something special to take home with them after your wedding ceremony that will remind them of your wedding day.

Goodies, Sweets, and Treats

An easy and delightful treat for guests to take away from your wedding day is a sweet treat. You can bake cookies to be placed in decorative boxes or monogrammed bags. Homemade granola can be made with different ingredients to offer your guests something delicious and healthy to take home. Mini pies and s’mores kits are two things that everyone loves to snack on, while those who enjoy their time spent in the kitchen will appreciate cookie cutters or baking utensil kits. Another great idea for giving your guests sweets to take home is a candy buffet, where they can choose their favorite types of candy to be put in a Chinese-style takeout box for the road.

[caption id="attachment_454" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Photo by: Nomadic Lass (Flickr) Photo by: Nomadic Lass (Flickr)[/caption]

Condiments, Ingredients, and Drinks

Everyone can use a bit of seasoning salt or spices with infused flavors. Bottles of homemade sauces will always come in handy at home as well. Coffee beans in decorative bags give your guests the opportunity to roast their own morning cup of java. Cocoa cones can easily be made by putting hot chocolate mix in a cone-shaped bag with mini marshmallows on top and tying it with a bow. Gourmet teas in a decorative bag with a flavored stir stick are also nice for guests to enjoy the next day.


It is always nice to give wedding favors that can be planted and enjoyed for years to come. You can purchase tiny trees to put at the place settings for each guest. Bulbs wrapped in pretty packaging can be planted afterward for flowers to enjoy at home. Seed packets in envelopes hand-made from pretty paper can be enjoyed right along with tiny hand-painted clay pots for each guest.

[caption id="attachment_455" align="aligncenter" width="263"]Image provided by Garrett (Flickr) Image provided by Garrett (Flickr)[/caption]

Homemade Items

Anything made from scratch comes from the heart. Offer your guests some commonly used products that you’ve made by hand. Candles in small tins or tiny tea cups can be nice gifts to take home. Homemade soaps will make handbags and totes smell nice on the way home from your celebration. Homemade bubbles can be used at the end of the reception and can be put in cute little mesh bags that can be reused. Guests can make their own personalized lip balms using their favorite scents and flavors. A pretty tote bag, handmade ornaments at Christmas time, and personalized coasters are other lovely handmade items. A CD of your favorite songs played at your reception can be something that guests can listen to for years to come. Simply add a label with your names and the date so that your big day will be remembered.

[caption id="attachment_456" align="aligncenter" width="259"]Image provided by Christie O. (Flickr) Image provided by Christie O. (Flickr)[/caption]

Seasonal and Local

If the season is right, offer your guests some handpicked fresh fruit or berries in pretty packaging or small tins that can be enjoyed later that day. Some local treat ideas include saltwater taffy for a wedding at the beach or local honey if you live near someone raising bees. There are many different ideas for products that can be used, depending on your location and resources.