If you have recently been out shopping for wedding rings, but all of the bands that fall within your budget are so unoriginal you have no interest in buying them, consider this… a ring as unique as your relationship, that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg. I'm talking about getting your wedding rings engraved with something as unique as you! My fiancée and I have discussed our own wedding band plans, and since we couldn't decide on a phrase or word we wanted on our rings we're going to have our rings engraved with our fingerprints with his print on my ring, and mine on his. I know that fingerprints aren't going to suit everyone so I've provided a bunch of tips for you below about various types of engraving. Hopefully this helps you if you are considering the purchase of an engraved ring!

What To Do When Having Rings Engraved

  • Carefully read through any instructions your jeweler or engraver has given you. Follow them all EXACTLY.
  • Double, triple, and quadruple check any text you are having engraved for spelling errors, incorrect dates, mixed up words, etc. In fact, show your text to someone else before giving it to the engraver. You don't want to be reminded FORVRE of your LVOE, but your FOREVER LOVE… that sounds more acceptable.
  • Consider having your text engraved in your own handwriting. Just make sure the text is legible and, once again, check for errors before turning the engraving paperwork in.
  • When having Larson Jewelers do either fingerprint or handwritten engraving make sure your paperwork with the images or writing is photographed or scanned clearly. Blurry images = blurry engraving. Not good.
  • Consider whether you want your engraving on the inside of your ring (it can be a little secret between you and your spouse) or on the outside of the ring for the world to see.

What Not To Do When Having Rings Engraved

  • If you're having your fingerprints engraved, don't roll your finger or press too hard when taking your prints to give to the engraver. Doing this is risky as it can blur some of the fine lines of your fingerprint instead of providing a crisp clear picture for engraving. A clear picture is also essential when having a handwritten message or a custom image engraved.
  • Don't choose your ring for engraving based on appearance only without knowing anything about the type of metal the ring is made from. If the metal is soft you run the risk of your engraving scratching off or wearing away over time. Harder metals such as tungsten will hold the engraving better.
  • When deciding on text for engraving, make sure you know the character limit. At Larson our price includes up to 30 characters, but additional characters can be included for an added charge per character.

Additional Help

If the above tips aren't enough for you, check out the resources below for even more fun ideas and helpful information.