Your hands have so much character – from the lines on your palms to the scars on your fingers, big knuckles to dainty fingernails, your hands say a lot about you.  So when you’re getting married, you want your wedding ring to complement those defining digits… and fit.  As if planning for the wedding itself isn’t hectic enough, you have take time out to find out your finger size. Here are some tips on how to quickly and accurately get your finger sized measured.


Request a free finger sizer from Larson Jewelers

If you’ve got at least two weeks until your wedding date, one of the most accurate and least time consuming ways to get your finger sized is right on the Larson Jewelers website. Request a free finger sizer kit to be mailed to you by clicking on “Free Ring Sizer” on the top menu bar. Once you receive our finger sizer, you will find complete instructions on how to determine your ring size just as a professional jeweler would, and you can do it without having to drive anywhere. We have worked with all kinds of finger sizers and after years of experimenting, we have chosen the finger sizer that is most accurate. After you find out your size, you can order your tungsten wedding ring from us with confidence.

Get your finger sized at a local jewelry store

If you don’t have enough much time to wait for our free finger sizer, the next best option is to go to a local jewelry store and have a jeweler determine your correct finger size. Many people feel awkward or embarrassed walking into a jewelry store knowing they only want their finger sized and have no intention of buying anything. Don’t. Just tell them you are looking for wedding rings and you don’t know what you want yet, but you figured the first step is to get sized. If there are other jewelers located nearby, you should go to at least one other jeweler and have your finger measured.  If the country you are in uses a different sizing standard than the country you wish to buy a ring from, you can just tell the jeweler in other country your size in your own country, and he should be able to convert it to the corresponding size. If you are able to get your jeweler to tell you what is the inside diameter of your ring size in millimeters, you can tell any jeweler in the world and should not have a problem finding out your size in a foreign country.

Take a ring to a jeweler to measure

If you are trying to surprise someone with a ring and you can’t ask them to get their finger size measured because it would ruin the surprise, you could take one of their rings that you know fits them well and take it to a jewelry store for them to measure. Again, if you feel awkward, just let them know you are shopping for a gift, and you need to know the ring size first.

Do it yourself

If for some strange reason you just woke up from a coma and realized you’re getting married this weekend, and you need to know your ring size fast, you can simply take a thin strip of paper or string (paper preferably) and wrap it around your finger until the strip of paper forms a circle around your finger. Then take a pen and mark where the paper joins together. Now, unroll the piece of paper and use a ruler to measure the length (in millimeters) of the paper from where it begins to where you marked it earlier. You have just found the circumference of your finger. With this information you can tell any jeweler and they should be able to determine your finger size.

Don’t use print-out sizers

Many people think using the print-out finger sizers they find online is an accurate and fast way to find out your finger size. This method often leads to inaccurate finger size measurements. Your printer isn’t calibrated to correctly print an image the exact same size that you see on your screen.  Do not use this flawed method to measure your finger size. Websites that have these print-outs are just trying to give you a false sense of confidence about your ring size because they think once you feel you know your finger size, you will buy a ring from them.

It is important to know your exact ring size because rings that are even a half size off can feel too loose or too tight on your finger. And anything less than perfect is just unacceptable.