As a blogger for the jewelry industry, it is not hard for me to find and fall in love with some of the best and most informational jewelry blogs out there. I find it exciting to catch up on the latest jewelry trends and what is hot for the upcoming season. Here are a few of my favorite go-to jewelry blogs that I find help me to get you some of the best and most up-to-date jewelry trends of the season.

Photo by denise carbonell (Flickr) Photo by denise carbonell (Flickr)

Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip is a wonderful and wildly popular jewelry blog that gives a lot of great information for the avid jewelry collector. You can read about personal treks for special finds and one-of-a-kind pieces as well as flea market finds. It shows the great selection of vintage and antique jewelry that can be found out there all over the country. There are great stories behind many of the pieces that are showcased on the blog. Designers are featured as well as their beautiful collections. They offer up to the reader the many styles of jewelry design, from sophisticated and classic to boho chic and everything in between.

Jewels du Jour

I find that Jewels du Jour is similar to a jewelry encyclopedia in that it is a very informative blog for the jewelry industry. There are summaries of the histories behind famous pieces of jewelry and a great section of celebrity jewelry and jewels worn on the red carpet. Designer spotlights tell of the new collections that are available, and there is much information regarding the exhibitions and showcases. A helpful section on gemstones and lists of Top 10s give information regarding trends and styles. The estate jewelry section has a dealer directory, and there are articles that cover the famous auction houses and their auctions throughout the year. There is even a section on themed jewelry and novelty jewelry as well.


LoveGold has an array of information about the jewelry industry and current jewelry trends. Some of my favorite features on this blog are the editorials, the interviews, the style guide, and the shopping guide. Also featured are designers, their collections, and where-to-buy guides. Other great resources on the blog are the seasonal trend recaps and the events and themes pages. They also do a recap on jewelry during Fashion Week and sometimes give showcase information as well.


I find that Gem-A-Porter has a very unusual feel to it. They showcase more than 100 different jewelry designers and give great information on showcases and exhibitions. This blog is run out of London, New York City, and Rio de Janeiro, but they have contributors from all over the world. They post fun, funky, and unusual finds from vintage dealers and designers. They work a lot with many unusual finds but manage to show great style while working any piece into every kind of lifestyle.

The Jewellery Editor

The Jewellery Editor is a great source of who's doing what. It has the most jewelry-related news of any of the jewelry blogs. They have a video collection of interviews with designers, collection previews, style suggestions, "best of" videos, and videos on amazing pieces and finds. They have a newsletter that contains designer and brand news in addition to the retailers that carry each designer and their brand. There is a brand gallery, a bridal page, and a page about upcoming auctions. One of my favorite features on The Jewellery Editor is the celebrity news page. You can find current articles on actors, singers, models, athletes, and royals and the jewelry trends that they are wearing.

To really delve into the jewelry industry, you must read constant updates and information regarding the industry as a whole. Designer showcases, styles, and where to find great vintage pieces are just some of the insight you can get from reading these great jewelry blogs. I always enjoy seeing new styles and finding out where to find great vintage pieces. Happy reading!