Shopping for gifts can be a little bit stressful, and for Valentine's Day, the pressure is on to provide the perfect present. Chocolates, flower bouquets or diamond jewelry are traditional choices, but what if these aren't the right option for your relationship? We've put together a guide to suggest some memorable items that suit a variety of tastes and budgets.


Gold dipped roses

Fresh flowers are a beautiful and thoughtful gift, but of course have a short shelf-life. Gold dipped roses last forever. These are real roses, dipped in a combination of gold and lacquer. Roses can retain the rose's natural appearance, be completely encased in precious metal, or even have unique colors or patterns. These roses are delicate due to their materials, but make for a lovely display piece.



Nerdy Rings

Rings make a lovely gift, but what if your significant other isn't a "typical jewelry" type of person? Look no further, as rings engraved with their favorite characters and movie scenes will turn them into a jewelry lover. Star Wars is iconic and will be popular for years to come. You could add a little magic with Harry Potter, or add Super Hero flair with Superman. Whichever theme you choose, your loved one will know that you picked something out just for them.



Engravable Items

Another way to treat your Valentine is to have an item engraved just for them. Of course, many jewelry options can be engraved, but what else? Flasks, money clips and even Zippo lighters can be engraved. Initials or anniversary dates are a classic choice, but a cute idea for couples would be a line from an inside joke, or a sweet nickname only known to you two. Although these items are affordable and budget-friendly, they show that you care. Isn't that what Valentine's Day is truly about?



Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are increasing in popularity, and we definitely see why: they are hypoallergenic, non-conductive and virtually unbreakable. These rings are perfect for those that enjoy outdoor activities or are fitness enthusiasts.  Brands such as QALO create stylish options that look like they are made of metal. Even if your partner already wears a ring, a silicone ring can be a great backup for days they know they will be rough on their hands.



Sapphire Rings

In the past, diamonds have reigned supreme as the romantic gemstone of choice, and for good reason. They are one of the hardest materials known to man, and their sparkle is a primary draw. Sapphire jewelry offers a luxurious looking alternative. This mineral's actual name is Corundum. Red Corundum is known as ruby, and all other colors are types of sapphire. Blue sapphires are the most iconic, but pink and white are unique options gaining popularity. Black sapphires are also used, and we love the look on more masculine rings.