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Just like in the fashion industry, there are wedding trends that are modern and new, but there are also some classic accessories and looks that you stick to to give your wedding the traditional feel that most wedding guests expect to see. I think that your wedding is to be made into your own wonderful personal experience. Within that experience, you can encompass some classic and traditional wedding features that remain timeless through the ages and some trendy accents that will give your wedding a modern feel all at the same time.

Wedding Apparel

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Timeless: You may have always dreamed of your bridesmaids wearing a lavender off-the-shoulder floor-length gown. In this case, you may want to stick with the timeless tradition to order all matching dresses. Usually, an ageless tradition is dresses that match the "color theme" of the entire wedding. Bow ties and cummerbunds on the guys will also be in that specific color. You'll also see the color splashed throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. For a timeless wedding gown, I always picture princess gowns and lots of tulle. This is a very classic look that I'm sure you've seen in many weddings that you've attended as well.




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Trendy: I believe that with today's modern touches to everything in our everyday lives, it is easy to make some more trendy and modern choices for your wedding apparel. A huge trend right now is not having matching bridesmaids dresses but instead offering a color "idea" instead of a strict choice. If you say "purple," your girls can choose from lavender to royal purple and everything in between. Also, you can allow different styles and lengths of dresses for your bridesmaids as well. This will also accommodate all body types and allow your girls to feel like the look their best in a dress that is flattering to their body type. The same idea goes for your wedding gown. You don't have to be frilly: Go with something simple that flatters your body type and accessorize with amazing jewelry or a great hair clip.



Timeless: As a girl, when I pictured myself walking down the aisle, I pictured a big, round bouquet of white roses with baby's breath and some cascading greenery. This is indeed a very traditional (and very beautiful) wedding bouquet. Anytime you are walking down the aisle carrying flowers, you are going to be stunning, but roses and greenery wrapped in tulle or with satin are always breathtaking.

Trendy: If you want to go with a more modern spin on your flowers, as I did, there are some great trends for bridal bouquets that are simply on point. Wildflowers give you a more modern feel and add some texture and subtlety that look beautiful. Try using different types of greenery and ribbons or lace rather than the traditional ones used in the traditional bouquets. Talk to your florist about being more creative and relaxed to give your flowers a more modern look.



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Timeless: Traditional wedding décor is so often used that it is what we think of first when we picture a wedding in our minds. White china, beautiful crystal glasses, polished silver, and crisp white tablecloths with a colored table runner underneath your beautiful centerpiece will don your tables. Colored accents and flowers will line your ceremony as you say "I do." Beauty and splendor will give your guests an eyeful as they enjoy your big day.



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Trendy: Many brides are moving to a more casual wedding so that they can allow guests to be more comfortable and have a great time. Textures such as burlap are used more to give the festivities a casual feel. Brides are doing more crafting and DIY projects for their own wedding receptions and making much of their décor, thanks to sites that give you ideas and show you how-to's. Many brides I know are moving from traditional receptions to a more casual party and allowing guests to have fun using things like elaborate photo booths while still keeping the dance floor open and the music playing.





Timeless: One of the first things that brides have to do when planning their big day is to decide on the reception music. Traditionally, many brides have used a wedding band to play covers of their favorite songs for guests to dance to and enjoy or a DJ who will "run the show" and play all of your favorite tunes.

Trendy: Nowadays, I've seen more and more brides ask a friend (who happens to have great taste in music) to make a playlist and be in charge of the music, assuming that your wedding venue has a sound system. With music downloading at our fingertips, it is easier and easier to have the exact songs played at your reception that you've specifically picked out.



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Timeless: Brides are still having the elaborate and beautiful tiered white wedding cake for guests at receptions. I have also seen my fair share of catered receptions to allow guests to enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner or have heavy hors d'oeuvres for everyone to enjoy.







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Trendy: I've seen more modern brides nix the cake all together and have cupcakes, ice cream sundae bars, pie buffets, candy shop bars, and even fun things such as cotton candy instead. Many brides use this as a way to save cash, while others do it to fit into the more modern and casual theme of their reception.