18k White Gold Wedding Bands

Whether you are looking for a white gold diamond wedding band to match her diamond engagement ring or a white gold comfort-fit wedding band with a truly unique design, you can find it here at Larson Jewelers. White gold is created by alloying gold with palladium and coating its finish with rhodium. The final product is a white gold wedding band that boasts a similar shine as palladium and platinum rings. 

2 Offset Grooves - 18k white
Reg: $750.00On Sale: $629.99
2 Offset Milgrains - 18k white
Reg: $750.00On Sale: $829.99
Carved Center - 18k white
Reg: $1,500.00On Sale: $999.99
Cross Matte Finish - 18k white
Reg: $1,200.00On Sale: $909.99
Domed Center Milgrain - 18k white
Reg: $1,000.00On Sale: $699.99
Domed Milgrain Edges - 18k white
Reg: $350.00On Sale: $139.99
Domed Polished Finish - 18k white
Reg: $300.00On Sale: $189.99
Engraved Finish - 18k white
Reg: $1,500.00On Sale: $1,099.99
Flat Milgrain Edges - 18k white
Reg: $1,499.00On Sale: $889.99
Flat Polished Finish - 18k white
Reg: $300.00On Sale: $239.99
Hammered Finish - 18k white
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $999.99
Woven Center - 18k white
Reg: $2,000.00On Sale: $1,419.99