18k Gold Wedding Bands

Browse through our selection of exceptional 18K gold wedding bands and rings. Our collection of 18k and 14k gold wedding bands feature classic, timeless designs alongside the modern styles of today's most respected designers. Our women's and men's weddings bands are customizable, so you can purchase the ring of your dreams.

Carved Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,500.00On Sale: $1,009.99
Cross Matte Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,200.00On Sale: $909.99
Domed 18k Gold Ring with Diamonds by Benchmark
Reg: $1,200.00On Sale: $799.99
Domed Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $300.00On Sale: $189.99
Domed Milgrain Edged Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $350.00On Sale: $199.99
Domed Milgrain Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,000.00On Sale: $699.99
Double Milgrained Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,000.00On Sale: $699.99
Engraved Finish Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,500.00On Sale: $1,209.99
Flat Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $400.00On Sale: $369.99
Grooved Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $850.00On Sale: $729.99
Hammered Finish Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,400.00On Sale: $1,009.99
Milgrain Edged Flat Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $750.00On Sale: $659.99
Woven Center Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $2,250.00On Sale: $1,789.99