Camo Wedding Rings & Bands

Our camouflage rings or "camo rings" are a unique way to symbolize the everlasting bond of your commitment.  All of our camo wedding rings are made with real military style camouflage designsOur jungle style camo wedding rings have the classic military style pattern and are made with the authentic colors.  Our military style desert camo rings are also made using original designs and colors.  Thorsten Rings has created the first line of real military style camo rings using the true colors.  Others use hunters camo or just engrave the camo pattern on the rings, which do not have any color.


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Our Thorsten brand camo rings are made to last.  Each tungsten camo ring has a channel cut deep into the ring, and then the camouflage design is inlaid into the channel.  Afterward, a clear resin in used to fill the channel.  The resin seals the design into the ring protecting the design from wearing away.  Camo rings from other companies do not protect their designs from wear and easily can be scratched away.  Our rings are affordably priced and come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty that covers cracking or breaking, and even covers size exchanges if your finger size changes during the course of your lifetime.  All this at no extra charge, while other companies charge for any type of replacement.  Please note, engraving is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. These rings are the perfect style for the outdoors-man.  The 49ers from the Gold Rush of California would probably have appreciated these styles of rings had they been around during that time. by: