Camo Wedding Bands

Our camouflage wedding bands, or “camo rings,” are a unique way to symbolize the everlasting bond of your commitment. All of our camo wedding rings are made with real military-style camouflage designs. Our jungle-style camo wedding bands have the classic military-style pattern and are made with the authentic colors. Our desert camo wedding rings are also made using the original designs and colors. Thorsten Rings has created the first line of real military-style camo rings using the true colors. Others use hunters’ camo or just engrave the camo pattern on the rings, which do not have any color. Larson Jewelers carries high-quality camouflage wedding rings!

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We have camo wedding bands available for men and women. From pink styles to traditional camo green, gray, black, and brown, you are sure to find a color of ring in a camo style that you will love. At Larson Jewelers, we make shopping for wedding bands online a simple process for all of our customers. If you find a design you like, simply hover over the image of the ring to learn more about it. The details include which materials were made to create the ring, the color, design, and style information, and the sizing that particular ring is available in.

Our Thorsten brand camo rings are made to last. These rings are the perfect style for the outdoorsman. Each tungsten camo ring has a channel cut deep into the ring, and the camouflage design is inlaid into the channel. Afterward, a clear resin in used to fill the channel. The resin seals the design into the ring, protecting the design from wearing away. Camo rings from other companies do not protect their designs from wear, allowing the design to easily be scratched away. Our rings are affordably priced and come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty that covers cracking or breaking. We even cover size exchanges if your finger size changes during the course of your lifetime. All of this is offered to you at no extra charge, while other companies charge for any type of replacement. Please note, however, that engraving is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Larson Jewelers is a trusted online retailer of fine jewelry for men and women. We carry a variety of jewelry outside of our stock of camo wedding rings, making it easy for you to shop with us and purchase something you’ll love. Our selection and dedication to making our customers happy allow you to feel good when you buy from us. We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase: If, for any reason, you should run into a problem with your order, give us a call. We are happy to assist online shoppers with their order. Check back regularly, as we often offer discount pricing on the jewelry we offer for sale, including our selection of camo tungsten wedding bands. Trust Larson Jewelers for the best jewelry anywhere online! Shop now.

By Vanessa LeBeau

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