Tungsten Carbide Rings

Our selection of high-quality, jewelry-grade, cobalt-free tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands for both men and women is perfect for couples who want durable, worry-free jewelry. Made from the tungsten carbide alloy, tungsten carbide rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces retain their polish far longer than jewelry made from other metals, which means they will stay shiny and looking like new for years to come. A good tungsten carbide ring is also priced at a significant discount compared to rings made of other metals, such as silver or gold. Thus, customers can purchase this jewelry as a great way to save on wedding and gift costs without sacrificing beauty or style.

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Virtually unknown until recently, tungsten carbide rings have taken the wedding band industry by storm. Today, many men who are looking for a wedding band choose tungsten carbide as their metal of choice. Women have come to appreciate the beauty of tungsten as well, and that means many of them are looking for a tungsten carbide ring. When you buy a carbon tungsten ring, you can be sure that you are getting a sought-after piece of jewelry.

At Larson Jewelry, you can choose from more than 500 styles in our online catalog that range from traditional to trendy and unique. Many of these carbide tungsten ring styles are available in black, white, or gunmetal gray tungsten, and we even have pieces that feature diamonds and other gemstones. The versatility of styles, colors, and gemstones means that our tungsten carbide rings can be used as casual jewelry, graduation gifts, promise rings, engagement rings, and, of course, as wedding rings. In fact, just about any occasion is fit for this type of ring. Tungsten carbide really is that versatile for jewelry that both men and women will love.

Larson Jewelers carries only the best brands of tungsten carbide rings. There are many designers that would love for us to carry their brands, but we are very particular about which brands we carry. When choosing to work with a designer, price is not important. As we all know, there are expensive cars that have poor quality and there are cheap cars with excellent quality. We select our tungsten carbide rings based on quality, not price. We also believe suppliers that offer a great number of styles tend to be the most competent at manufacturing tungsten carbide rings.

When choosing which brands to carry, we also look at manufacturers’ warranties. We only work with designers that stand by their products. There is no point in working with suppliers that will not be around for the long term to honor their warranties. We think designers that are willing to offer a no-risk type of warranty, which does not charge the customer when they need to use it, show that they are very confident that customers will be happy with their purchase.

At Larson Jewelry, we want to make sure you find the best ring. Tungsten carbide may be the ideal choice for you the next time you need a special band. Our associates are standing by to help you with your purchase: Contact us today with your questions and for help in finding the best jewelry for weddings and other occasions.

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