Tungsten Carbide Rings and Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

Our selection of high quality jewelry grade cobalt free tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands for both men and women is perfect for couples who want durable worry free jewelry. Choose from traditional plain styles to trendy unique styles, we have over 500+ styles. Many styles are available in black, white, or gun metal gray tungsten, and we even have styles with diamonds or gemstones.  Tungsten carbide rings can be used as casual jewelry, graduation gifts, promise rings, engagement rings, and of course, wedding rings.  Virtually unknown until recently, they have taken the wedding band industry by storm. Today, about 50% of men looking for a wedding band, choose tungsten carbide as their metal of choice. Women have also come to appreciate the beauty of tungsten as well. 

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Larson Jewelers carries only the best brands of tungsten carbide rings.  There are many designers that would love for us to carry their brands, but we are very particular about which brands we carry.  Here is how we decide which designer tungsten carbide rings to carry.

When choosing to work with a designer, price is not important.  As we all know, there are expensive cars that have poor quality and there are cheap cars with excellent quality.  We select our tungsten carbide rings based on quality, not price.  Therefore, you will see a big price range.  Price differences are due to the fact that different designers charge different prices for their products.  Usually more well known brands command higher prices, but that does not mean they have the best quality.  Rest assured, all our designers have passed our strict quality standards.

When choosing which brands of to carry, we also look at manufacturers' warranties.  We only work with designers that stand by their products.  There is no point in working with suppliers that will not be around for the long term to honor their warranties.  We think designers that are willing to offer a no risk type of warranty, which does not charge the customer when they need to use it, indicates the designer is very confident that customers will be extremely happy with their purchase.

We also believe suppliers that offer a great number of styles tend to be the most competent at manufacturing tungsten carbide rings.  Also, if a designer will produce custom styles, that is indicative of a designer that has mastered the skill of working with tungsten.  The best tungsten materials usually come from mountainous areas.  Geologists have surveyed the world and using topographical maps, have pinpointed the worlds tungsten reserves by finding the bands of tungsten deposits on earth. Any questions or concerns? Contact us by phone or email, where a Larson Jewelers professional is standing by to help. by: