Men's Meteorite Rings

With their one-of-a-kind patterns and out-of-this-world origins, meteorite wedding rings are incredibly unique. Meteorite is a material that comes from outer space (literally—it’s what makes up meteors and comets). While no two pieces are alike, their metallic color, rarity and incredible journey to earth make all meteorite rings special.

Men’s meteorite wedding rings feature multiple band options, including silver and titanium. Because meteorite has its own shine, these rings look great with black bands, which provide a stunning contrast between the two materials. For a spin on a traditional band, consider a titanium meteorite ring, which has a classic look on the hand from afar but a unique appeal up close.

No matter which style you pick, men’s meteorite wedding rings all embody a certain sense of wonder; they’re a tiny piece of outer space that can be worn every day. For more rings that capture another universe, check out our selection of Star Wars rings.

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