Tungsten Wedding Bands and Rings with Precious Metal Inlays

For those who want to combine the durability of tungsten with the luxury of precious metals, such as platinum, gold, rose gold, palladium or silver, tungsten rings with inlays are the perfect choice. We even have tungsten rings that have diamonds set into the inlays. Inlays are available in domed, beveled and flat tungsten rings.

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DAVIN Mokume Inlaid Tungsten Jewelry Ring
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $489.99
GUNNAR Unique Mokume Gane Tungsten Wedding Band
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $449.99
HALVAR Custom Mokume Gane Tungsten Ring
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $449.99
IVAR Platinum Inlaid Flat 8mm Tungsten Wedding Band
Reg: $1,800.00On Sale: $589.99