Black Titanium Wedding Rings and Bands

Although many people are happy with gold or silver jewelry, others are looking for rings, necklaces, and other pieces that are a bit out of the ordinary. If you count yourself or someone you love as part of the latter group, black titanium jewelry from Larson Jewelers may be the perfect solution for you. From black titanium wedding bands to rings and more, we have a full line of black rings and other accessories that are crafted from the finest titanium available. And when you buy from us online, you always enjoy free Priority Mail shipping in the continental United States.

The items in our selection of black titanium wedding bands and rings are not made from titanium that has been coated with a black veneer. Instead, our black titanium jewelry for men and women is crafted from a special alloy so that the black color is bonded throughout the metal. In other words, you won’t be getting black titanium wedding rings and other bands with coatings that are less durable than the ring itself. Instead, the entire product is as hardy as our non-black titanium jewelry: These black titanium products are as impervious to scratching and other dents and damages as any of our titanium products.

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