Tungsten Wedding Bands and Rings With a Brushed, Satin, or Matte Finish

When searching for the right tungsten wedding ring for your significant other, you’ll find that we have plenty of highly polished and reflective options for sale. In fact, we have one of the best selections of tungsten rings online. While these rings are attractive pieces of jewelry, they aren’t for everyone. For those who do not like the luster of polished tungsten rings, our matte, brushed, and satin finishes make perfect alternatives. After applying a different finish, the ring reflects less light and is more subtle or conservative in appearance. In many cases, men prefer tungsten wedding bands with these finish types.

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BRIGHTON Diamond Set Tungsten Ring - 8 mm
Reg: $479.99On Sale: $249.99

When looking for the right engagement or wedding ring to buy, it helps to understand matte, brushed, and satin finishes. A matte wedding band is simply a ring that has a flat, luster-free appearance. A matte wedding band may also have a brushed or satin finish. The surface of a brushed tungsten wedding band looks as if it has been brushed over, as it has the appearance of fine marks like the strokes of a brush. Satin is another type of matte-finish ring. Tungsten wedding bands with a satin finish are smoother than brushed tungsten rings but with a fogged appearance. Regardless of the desired finish, you’ll find that they come in a number of style options that include ceramic or raised centers, inlays, diamonds, and more.

The finish that you ultimately choose will not affect the qualities that make tungsten rings so desirable. When you purchase a matte tungsten wedding band, you’re getting a ring that’s scratch-resistant and harder than steel, titanium, and 18k gold. In addition, our matte rings also come with a lifetime warranty. Take a look at our huge selection of men’s and women’s satin or brushed tungsten wedding bands and you’ll not only find variety but affordable pricing as well. If you’re in the market for a quality ring, browse our site today. If you have any questions before or after you order the perfect brushed tungsten wedding band or matte engagement ring, contact us and we will answer any questions that you may have.