Engraved Tungsten Rings and Bands

The beauty and durability of tungsten carbide rings make them a popular choice for both men’s and women’s jewelry. Tungsten carbide is an amazing metal alloy that has become wildly popular due to these properties. Tungsten carbide has many applications in industrial capacities due to its extreme hardness and high melting point. It’s possible to mold tungsten carbide into many different shapes, including cutting blades, light bulb filaments, and jewelry pieces such as wedding bands. Larson Jewelers is proud to carry a full range of tungsten carbide rings, including engravable tungsten rings that can be personalized with virtually any message.

A number of qualities of tungsten carbide make this alloy ideal for use in jewelry. Tungsten carbide is exceptionally heavy. When worn on the finger, a tungsten carbide ring feels strong and substantial. Even the name “tungsten” suggests its weight because it means “heavy stone” in Swedish. Tungsten carbide is also remarkable due to its extremely high melting point. Even at the highest temperatures, tungsten carbide will remain intact. Most people wearing engraved tungsten wedding bands probably won’t put this capacity to the test, but it’s an interesting quality that contributes to its overall durability.

When you choose jewelry made from some metals, you might end up with some undesired results. Acids present in the skin may react to metals in jewelry, which can cause skin irritation. This oxidation might cause your skin to turn an unappealing shade of green. Rings with a copper plating over other metals are a common source of green fingers. The good news is that jewelry made with tungsten carbide will never result in this discoloration because tungsten carbide does not react to most acids.

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