Koa Wood Rings

Would you like to carry a little piece of a tropical paradise around with you every day? If so, take a look at our selection of Hawaiian koa wood rings. These rings are inlaid with the wood of the koa tree, a rare and strikingly beautiful type of wood from trees that only grow in Hawaii. The look of koa wood rivals that of mahogany, but koa wood can be hard to come by. It’s actually the rarest wood in the world due to the fact that cutting down these trees is not allowed: Only trees that have fallen on their own can be harvested for wood. Fortunately, if you’re hoping to buy koa rings, you need look no further than Larson Jewelers.

Our Hawaiian koa wood rings are a popular choice with environmentalists, since they’re inlaid with real wood that didn’t require a tree to be chopped down. They’re also often purchased by those who simply enjoy the look of nontraditional materials in their jewelry. But perhaps the most frequent customers in search of koa rings are people who are planning a destination wedding or honeymoon in Hawaii. Many couples choose koa wedding bands as enduring symbols to remind them of one of the happiest times of their lives. Wearing koa wood wedding rings allows the newlyweds to take a piece of their wedding or honeymoon home with them to wear and enjoy forever. But these pieces aren’t just for weddings: Others might choose to buy a koa wood ring as an enduring reminder of the vacation of a lifetime on those tropical shores.

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