18k White Gold Wedding Bands for Men

On your wedding day, when you’re reciting your marriage vows, what sort of ring will your beloved slip on your finger? It’s not the first thing people think of when they start to plan their wedding, but it’s certainly one of the most long-lasting investments you’ll make. Long after the cake is cut and that rented tux is returned, you’ll still be wearing that ring. You’ll see it there every day for the rest of your life, so you’d better make it something that you’ll enjoy looking at, not just for what it symbolizes but for what it is. Would you like a traditional yellow gold band? Something completely different, like a ring inlaid with dinosaur bone? Or a ring that’s both classic and contemporary, like one made of silver or white gold? Larson Jewelers carries all of the above, but if you prefer the latter, you’ll want to look over our selection of men’s 18k white gold wedding bands.

These rings are beautiful, high-quality pieces of jewelry with a look that will surely stand the test of time. White gold is a very popular choice for wedding bands, both because of its value and its appearance, and 18-karat gold is the purest form of this precious metal that’s commonly used in jewelry in the Western world. Perhaps you’re looking to match the look of the engagement ring and wedding band chosen for your spouse-to-be, or perhaps white gold just looks better with your skin tone than other metals. Either way, we’re sure to have a style that’s perfect for you among our array of men’s 18k white gold wedding bands. And to give your wedding ring that added special touch, we can also engrave it for you. Many couples choose traditional engravings such as their initials and their wedding date, but you can have anything you like etched into your ring: We can even engrave a message in your own handwriting, symbols, a handprint, or a fingerprint on your ring, for a wedding band that’s as unique as you are.

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