Engravable White Gold Rings for Men

White gold rings are an increasingly popular choice for many, including men. Whether you’re picking out an engagement, friendship, or other ring for your special man, you’ll want to find something that offers masculine appeal and a fit that is comfortable for men. White gold ring options are varied, with something to suit most any man’s personality, style, finger size, and lifestyle. At Larson Jewelers, our men’s white gold rings are made of 14-karat and 18-karat gold. They offer an elegant and modern look that is suitable for any man and can be worn for any occasion. Our white gold rings are also engravable for that extra-special touch.
When searching for the right men’s white gold ring, it helps to understand what exactly white gold is and what the difference is between 14k and 18k gold. White gold is a form of yellow gold that gets its white or silver appearance when it is alloyed with other metals such as palladium, silver, zinc, or nickel. The type of metal used often dictates how much the yellow gold is whitened or bleached. Rhodium plating is often also used to make white gold brighter. The number of karats is a measurement that rates gold purity. Both 14k gold and 18k gold are ideal for fine jewelry such as engagement or wedding bands for men. A 14k white gold ring is approximately 58 percent pure gold, while an 18k white gold band is 75 percent gold. Because 18k gold contains more pure gold, it is softer than 14k gold, and 14k gold is generally less expensive. Brushed, hammered, satin, and polished finishes are available options when choosing a white gold ring. Men’s bands may also have a beveled, dome, carved, grooved, or flat style. Some men’s white gold rings may also feature raised centers or one or more diamonds for added flair.

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