Lord of the Rings Ring Replicas and Themed Bands

Few fantasy stories have quite the same impact as J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic series starting with The Lord of the Rings. Ring replica products from Larson Jewelers are the perfect way to relive the magic of the books and movies and show off a fan’s enthusiasm in a classy and sophisticated way. Whether you intend to keep the “one ring” and boast that you’ll be the one to rule them all or give it to the Frodo to your Sam, these Lord of the Rings (or LOTR) ring replica gifts are a beautiful choice.

The “One Ring” for “the One”
There are numerous amazingly crafted and beautiful rings relating to this series, but there’s one image that’s synonymous with LOTR: the “one ring.” This ring of power connects and binds all others to it, including the nine for men, seven for dwarves, and three for elves. Originally held by the dark lord Sauron, this evil object changed hands many times over, from Isildur to Gollum to eventually Frodo. Occupying as much screen time in the films as some characters in LOTR, the “one ring” is the item being carried across the world to Mount Doom. Though it’s widely considered to be a source of great temptation and evil in the morality of the original book series, fans have come to love the artistry of this LOTR ring. Replica products are made based on the props originally designed by Weta Workshop for the films, though they used J.R.R. Tolkien’s original Elvish letters to communicate the poem on the exterior, which begins with the famous lines: “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them ... .” While we have many different Lord of the Rings rings available, our replicas of this fan-favorite prop are certainly among of the most used and loved.

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