Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings are perfect for a range of styles. Some are colorful and unique, while others offer a more traditional look with white and neutral tones. Adding to their allure, gemstone rings can be more affordable than diamonds, depending on the stone.

At the heart of Larson Jewelers’ collection of gem engagement rings is an array of on-trend sapphire engagement rings in pink, blue and white. Pink and blue sapphires look brilliant at the center of a three-stone setting with white stones on each side. And since white sapphires look similar to diamonds, they sparkle as solitaires or as part of an array of stones.

Colored engagement rings can highlight classic colorful gems like emeralds or rubies. With its green hue and the nod to the “Emerald Isle,” many people of Irish heritage choose emerald engagement rings for their sweethearts. Ruby engagement rings can be perfect for someone who loves red or is looking for a stone that’s unique to their personality and style.

All gemstone wedding rings are available in a range of distinct bands, including white gold filigreed options. Check out even more unique engagement rings and affordable engagement rings for other options.

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