Unique Silver Wedding Bands and Rings

There are a variety of metal options when it comes to buying men's or women's wedding bands, including silver. Silver is a popular alternative to yellow gold, and it is whiter than both platinum and white gold. Due to skyrocketing platinum and gold prices, it is now the most affordable precious metal currently used in jewelry-making. When you think of a silver band, wedding rings made of sterling silver probably come to mind; however, traditional sterling silver is neither your only or best option when it comes to wedding jewelry. At Larson Jewelers, we only carry the finest Argentium silver rings made by the best manufacturers in the U.S. Argentium silver is a type of sterling silver that is superior to traditional sterling silver in several ways, including the fact that it does not tarnish. Our Argentium silver wedding bands are also more durable than sterling silver because they are alloyed with germanium, while sterling silver rings are only alloyed with copper, a much softer metal. Argentium also has a minimum silver content of 93.5%, which is more pure silver than sterling silver. Because Argentium silver is resistant to tarnishing, affordable, and whiter than platinum and even traditional sterling silver, it has rapidly gained popularity as an alternative to white gold wedding rings. Choose your wedding band from our huge selection of unique silver wedding bands!

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There are several considerations that can help you select the right Argentium silver wedding band to buy. Our silver wedding bands come in various style options, such as domed, raised-center, faceted, and beveled. We offer bands that include diamonds or gemstones, and even extra-wide rings are available. The finish of silver rings also greatly affects their appearance. Our customers can choose from polished, hammered, matte, brushed, or satin finishes. For our customers who want to add a personal touch to their wedding bands, we provide them with the option to add engraving when they make their purchase. Engraved silver wedding bands may include a personal quote, a name, a meaningful symbol, or an image. Fingerprint engraving is yet another way to add an extremely personal touch to unique silver wedding bands. Engraving options can be added to the ring order and may be placed on either the inside or outside of the ring.

Our rings are also available in various price ranges to meet the needs of most any wedding budget. You'll even find that some of our fine-quality silver rings are for sale at discount prices. With our diverse selection of rings, you'll likely find the ideal Argentium silver wedding band right here. Browse our silver wedding bands today!