White Tungsten Rings

White tungsten is the ideal choice for men and women who prefer their wedding bands to have the same white metal color as platinum or white gold while keeping the durability associated with tungsten wedding bands. Through years of research, our manufacturers have created the perfect wedding ring for men and women. It combines the beauty and luxury of platinum-group metals with the durability of tungsten carbide wedding bands. A unique manufacturing process bonds rhodium, a platinum-group metal, to tungsten. This process makes the tungsten white like the color of platinum. At Larson Jewelers, we have a large selection of wedding rings for sale here on our website. When you purchase one of our white tungsten rings, you are getting the same great manufacturer-backed lifetime warranties as with our regular tungsten rings. White tungsten is the ideal wedding band for women who want their wedding band’s color to match more closely with their engagement ring or men who prefer a white tungsten carbide ring with the color of white gold but with more strength and durability. Additionally, if you are on a budget and want a quality option at a discount price, you’ll find that the cost of a white tungsten ring is much more affordable than the price of a comparable platinum one.

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