Common Engravings on Wedding Rings

What should you engrave onto your ring?

After receiving thousands of engravings onto multiple styles (rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.) what are some of the most common and most requested engravings you wonder? Out of the thousands of requests we've received, there are many common engravings and common engraving attributes that we receive. If you're having a hard time coming up with what to engrave, we will try to help inspire you!

Date Engravings

The most common aspect of many engraving requests that we receive on tungsten wedding bands are dates. Dates mark that special day, whether it be your wedding day or the first time you guys met. Date engravings also serve the purpose of helping you remember as well!

Most Common Engravings (Dates)
1. Date of Wedding Anniversary
2. Proposal Date
3. Date of love at first sight
4. Date of Newborn's birth
5. Date of Someone's Passing
Quote Engravings

Another common type of engraving we receive for our tungsten rings are quotes. Quotes carry significant weight to them, especially when they have a special meaning that no one else understands. We always advocate getting a personal quote engraved since they would be the most unique and special to you and your significant other.

Most Common Engravings (Quotes)
1. Personal quotes
2. Famous quotes
3. Bible verses
Engraving Examples (Quotes)
"No takebacks! I love you always"
"Forever and a day"
"The beginning of everything"
"Where there is love, there is life"
"Come live in my heart, and pay no rent"
"love is patient, love is kind"
What engraving symbols should I use?

A very common feature in engravings that we receive are symbols and quotes combined together. What is the message that you want to get out and what symbols work well for the situation that you getting the engraving for. The most common symbol used for engravings on our tungsten wedding bands is a simple heart. Some other commonly used symbols that are offered include:

Most Common Engravings (Symbols)
1. Infinity symbol
2. Religious symbols (ex: bible cross)
3. Zodiac symbols (ex: Virgo)
How do I get a custom image engraved?

Custom image engraving is also offered by Larson Jewelers and isn't very common, but we do receive them occasionally. A custom engraving can almost be anything that you can think of. Simple or complex engravings do not matter since we have professional graphic designers on site to get the job done for you. Some custom engravings that we have commonly received include:

Most Common Engravings (Custom)
1. Handwritten images (ex: signatures, quotes, etc.)
2. Animal images
3. Movie related images (favorite movie, romance movies, etc.)
4. Hobby related images (sports, work, lifestyle, etc.)