Custom Image Engravings on Tungsten Rings

Owning a unique piece of jewelry that no one in the universe owns makes it unique and special. Maybe our engraving designs aren't really what you are looking for and you want to engrave something that you came up with yourself. Larson Jewelers offers custom image engraving on our tungsten wedding bands. If you have a custom image that you'd like to have engraved but aren't sure if it's possible, just send us an email with an example and we will let you know if it can be done! Whatever your imagination can come up with, we are able to determine whether it can be engraved or not on our tungsten rings.
We try to keep the process of having a custom engraving as simple as possible. The easiest way to get a custom image engraving would be to place an order for a tungsten ringand to type into the order notes "custom engraving". Then simply send us an image of the custom laser engraving referencing your order number to [email protected]. If the custom engraving is very complex or requires extra work to be done to prepare it for engraving, we will notify you of any extra fees beforehand.

Above is a real example of a custom image engraving that a customer requested

Above is a custom order that we loved so much, we listed it on our site for sale!
Larson Jewelers have created hundreds of custom images for tungsten wedding bands based off of customer requests, but the most common of them all are scenes! A scene is a place where an incident has occurred. We have had requests of wedding portrait scenes, nativity scenes, hunting scenes and even dinosaur scenes! Sometimes the idea for laser engraving a custom image is so awesome that we may even offer it as an actual product on our page.