Create Your Very Own Custom Tungsten Ring

With Larson Jewelers' new custom ring tool you can create a one-of-a-kind wedding band with thousands of possible combinations.


With our new custom ring maker you can choose from six different levels of customization. Start by choosing your metal type, tungsten or black ceramic. Next you can choose the basic shape of your ring. Prefer a domed ring? Prefer a flat ring? You will get to pick your favorite, and then get ready for more customization! Next we can choose your ring's finish. If you prefer a glossy finish then select polished, otherwise you can pick brushed finish. Now the fun really begins, it's time to pick your inlay. You can choose from one of our many carbon fiber options, real wood inlay, opal, and more! We have over twenty different available inlay options.


Now you should really be able to see your ring starting to take shape! However, we are done customizing just yet. Now you get to decide if you would like a diamond or gemstone in your ring. If your answer is yes, just select the preferred stone type to add it to your custom ring. Finally, we are on the last customizing option: width. Here you can choose whether you want a thin ring or a very wide ring. Make your selection and cheer: you are done!

You have now created your very own custom tungsten ring. A one-of-a-kind wedding band that you can rest assured nobody will have. If you have special requests or any questions about the process of your custom ring please give us a call (888)-602-6862.