Create Your Very Own Custom Tungsten Ring


Ever wish you could create your own wedding band that matches your style on every level? Now you can, thanks to the new custom ring tool at Larson Jewelers. This innovative tool lets you create a one-of-a-kind wedding band from thousands of possible combinations. It's fun. It's easy. And it leaves you with the ultimate wedding ring that stemmed from your own imagination.


Create Your Ring in Six Easy Steps

The creation process starts by selecting your preference for each of our six unique customization options.

Step one is to choose the metal type. While the majority of people opt for durable, super-strong tungsten, you can also go for a ceramic ring.

Step two is to select the basic shape of your ring. Some people like flat rings, while others prefer a domed style. The choice is up to you.

Step three is to pick your wedding band finish. If you're a fan of glossy finishes, you're going to want a polished finish. Those who like a less-glossy look are going to prefer a brushed finish.

Step four is to choose your inlay. Choices here run the gamut from dinosaur bones to wood, from carbon fiber to mother of pearl. We have more than 21 different inlay options available. Give them all a review, and then choose the right one for you.

Step five lets you choose a gemstone, if desired. Diamond wedding bands have long been one of the most popular, but you can select from any of the gems we offer.

Step six is the final step. You get to pick your width. Standard widths range from one mm to 12mm, letting you select a wedding band that's as thin or wide as you desire.

With these six selections in place, your custom wedding ring is officially done. You can always add laser engraving on the ring's interior for one more extra-special touch. Contact us if you have any questions or want additional guidance. Start building your wedding band with the custom ring tool at Larson Jewelers today.