To have your custom ring made, please contact with details of the custom ring!

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Be the designer of your own ring! The custom ring tool allows you to combine different styles and attributes together to make a unique custom tungsten or black ceramic ring. A completely custom wedding band made by you!

Start by selecting a metal of your choice (Tungsten or Black Ceramic). Other attributes will become unrestricted as you move down the dropdown list. The custom ring tool restricts specific combinations of styles that we are not able to manufacture. Many of these restrictions involve domed rings since stone cannot be inlayed onto a curved surface.

Note: Ring depictions created in the custom ring tool are approximate examples only. This tool is only a guide for you in creating your special wedding band. Other attributes not offered in the custom ring tool may be requested by sending a message to or by calling Larson Jewelers at 888-602-6862. This tool is not yet supported on mobile platforms.

Custom Ring Tool Details
There are currently two metal types offered in this tool, tungsten and black ceramic. You may also customize your ring with three possible shapes that include domed, flat and beveled edges. Another required feature is the finish of your custom tungsten or black ceramic wedding band. You have the option of either polished or brushed finish. since it is more difficult style to create. Over twenty types of inlays are offered with the custom ring creation tool. Inlays that are offered include textured inlays, carbon fiber inlays and stone inlay. Among the inlays possible, the most popular inlays include the beautiful opal inlays which come in multiple colors including red, green and blue opal. A wide variety of gem settings is also offered in the custom ring tool including white diamond, black diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald gems!

Manufacturing Time
Custom ring orders take up to an estimated 4-6 weeks since every ring is made to order by the manufacturer. The same manufacturing time applies to size exchanges and replacements.

Custom Ring Lifetime Warranty
At the time of purchase, this ring is automatically registered with the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the industry. Besides covering manufacturing defects of any kind for life, the warranty also covers accidental damage to the ring. In case of damage, simply return the ring and Thorsten will replace your custom ring for a $50 replacement fee. Because tungsten rings are extremely hard, they cannot be resized using traditional methods. This lifetime warranty also includes a lifetime resizing policy, which means if your ring size ever changes, Thorsten will replace your ring with a different size for a $50 resizing fee. When a ring is replaced or resized, the same manufacturing time exists. Custom rings are made to order and are non-refundable since they are made custom for the individual.
Note: Engraving does not void the warranty, but when a ring is replaced the warranty does not cover re-engraving.