Girl Scout Shout Out: Jewelry Making

The Girl Scouts is a great opportunity for young girls to participate in fun and engaging group activities, such as jewelry making. Friendship bracelets, pins, broaches, necklaces, earrings, and hair accessories are just a few of the creative and unique projects that you can create using simple materials. Girl Scouts can also learn about different jewelry making techniques from different cultures, such as Macramé, as well as information on stones and minerals used in the making of jewelry. Below you will find Girl Scout jewelry making projects, as well as resources to enjoyable jewelry activities and projects.

Friendship Bracelets

Make a new friend or show an old one that you still care by creating and giving a friendship bracelet. There are many different types of friendship bracelets that can be created using colored cord, wire, wooden, metal or plastic beads, charms, and masking tape. Popular types, such as the Hemp Friendship Bracelet, can be braided using hemp fibers and beads. Macramé bracelets are great for beginners as they only require one knot and can be integrated into several types of bracelets.

photo by Amanda Venner: Flickr

Pins and Broaches

Pins and broaches are great jewelry making projects, especially for Girl Scouts. This is because many Girl Scout groups design and create these items for SWAPS, pins and broaches that Girl Scouts make to trade with each other. These decorative ornaments can be added to jackets, clothing, or a Girl Scout uniform. Pins and broaches can be made from several different materials, including forms of metal, wood, and fabric. These homespun treasures are cute, but they’re certainly not as sturdy as tungsten carbide, triton, or palladium; a bit more related and earthy is ceramic rings, pins, and jewelry.

Photo by Ari Moore: Flickr


The design and making of necklaces is a fun and satisfying Girl Scout jewelry craft. Necklaces can be made from various materials, such as hemp, cord, and beading thread. It’s important to keep in mind what type of beads will be using on the stringing material. If you are using heavier beads, such as heavy-weight metal or glass beads, a more secure stringing material will be required.

Photo by Jessica Wilson: Flickr


There are many design opportunities when it comes to make handmade earrings. Whether they are long or short, colorful or sparkling, or small or large, create a pair of earrings your way. Create earrings to match your favorite outfit or to give as a gift to mom or a friend. Earrings can also be personalized using handmade beads.

Photo by Fee: Flickr


Hair Accessories

Girl Scouts can doll themselves up with some of these fantastic homemade hair accessories. From bows to beads, you’ll find instructions on how to make all sorts of fun hair accessories. Small decorative ornaments can be added to each hair piece, such as a butterfly or ladybug. Customize your hair accessory to make it truly your own creation.

Participating in the Girl Scouts can bring about a sense of creativity and belonging. Create the jewelry projects shown above in your Girl Scout group!

Photo by Heather Knitz: Flickr