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When it comes to manufacturers of wedding jewelry, you’ll find companies that are larger than Novell Design Studio. While it is not the biggest manufacturer, however, it is a giant when it comes to style. Novell has built a solid reputation for having one of the largest selections of the most beautifully designed wedding ring styles in the industry. Novell rings are meant to appeal to a wide range of consumers, as the manufacturer uses more types of metal than other companies. Whether someone has a preference for a specific type of metal or wants a band to match an engagement ring, they can find Novell wedding bands that meet their desires. Just about all of their styles can be made using platinum, white or yellow gold, palladium, and Argentium sterling silver. When you order a Novell ring, the manufacturer provides lifetime re-polishing and resizing. To see all of their styles and learn more about their warranties, visit Novell’s website.

Here at Larson Jewelers, we have an impressive selection of Novell rings for sale. Because Novell uses different metal types, couples can easily find bands that come in a number of price ranges. This makes them a smart choice for couples who need to purchase rings that fall within their wedding budget. In addition to price and metal options, the manufacturer also has a range of style choices that will appeal to both men and women. This includes rings that feature one or more diamonds or gemstones such as sapphires. Ring with inlay materials such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, wood, and carbon fiber are also available. When choosing the band width, options range from 2 mm to 20 mm.

When you are ready to buy a wedding ring for that special someone, we at Larson Jewelers have you covered, from our selection of attractive Novell wedding bands to our outstanding customer service. Shopping on our site is always secure, and we are available Monday through Friday by phone, live chat, or email to answer any of your Novell questions. Why not browse our site today for that perfect men’s or women’s Novell wedding ring?

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Carved Center - 14k white
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $769.99
Carved Gold Ring - 14k
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $809.99
Cross Matte Gold Ring - 14k
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $729.99
Engraved Finish Gold Ring - 14k
Reg: $1,300.00On Sale: $959.99
Flat Milgrain Edged Palladium Ring
Reg: $503.99On Sale: $419.99
Hammered Finish Gold Ring - 14k
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $759.99
Woven Center - 950Pt
Reg: $3,000.00On Sale: $1,999.99
Woven Center Gold Ring - 14k
Reg: $1,300.00On Sale: $1,049.99
Woven Center Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $2,250.00On Sale: $1,789.99
Carved Center - 18k white
Reg: $1,500.00On Sale: $999.99
Carved Center - 950Pt
Reg: $2,100.00On Sale: $1,439.99
Carved Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,500.00On Sale: $1,009.99
Cross Matte Finish - 14k white
Reg: $1,100.00On Sale: $689.99
Cross Matte Finish - 18k white
Reg: $1,200.00On Sale: $909.99
Cross Matte Finish - 950Pt
Reg: $1,800.00On Sale: $1,249.99
Cross Matte Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,200.00On Sale: $909.99
Engraved Finish - 14k white
Reg: $1,300.00On Sale: $909.99

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