Guertin Brothers Rings

Guertin rings are a staple of timeless jewelry. The clean, simple, tasteful design of Guertin wedding bands speaks for the manufacturer's dedication to quality craftsmanship and tradition. You won't find a fleeting jewelry trend here!  Guertin Brothers focuses on minute details that give each ring or wedding band they make subtle beauty and special character.  Guertin wedding rings can be made in traditional metals: platinum, white gold and yellow gold.  They also make palladium wedding bands, rose gold rings, green gold rings and titanium.

2 Offset Grooves - 18k white
Reg: $750.00On Sale: $629.99
2 Offset Grooves - 950Pt
Reg: $1,800.00On Sale: $1,199.99
2 Offset Milgrains - 18k white
Reg: $750.00On Sale: $829.99
2 Offset Milgrains - 950Pt
Reg: $1,800.00On Sale: $1,199.99
14k Yellow Gold Polished Flat Ring
Reg: $599.99On Sale: $365.99
Double Milgrain Palladium Wedding Ring
Reg: $1,645.99On Sale: $1,371.59
Flat Palladium Wedding Ring Dual Grooves
Reg: $1,108.79On Sale: $923.99
Palladium Wedding Ring with Triple Ribbed Center
Reg: $1,526.39On Sale: $1,271.99
Polished Flat Palladium Wedding Ring - 8mm
Reg: $1,439.99On Sale: $1,199.99
Domed Center Milgrain - 18k white
Reg: $1,000.00On Sale: $699.99
Domed Center Milgrain - 950Pt
Reg: $1,900.00On Sale: $1,299.99
Domed Milgrain Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,000.00On Sale: $699.99
Double Milgrained Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $1,000.00On Sale: $699.99
Flat Beveled Edges - 950Pt
Reg: $1,500.00On Sale: $949.99
Flat Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $400.00On Sale: $369.99
Flat Milgrain Edges - 18k white
Reg: $1,499.00On Sale: $889.99
Flat Milgrain Edges - 950Pt
Reg: $1,250.00On Sale: $889.99
Flat Polished Finish - 18k white
Reg: $300.00On Sale: $239.99

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