Hoover & Strong Rings

Hoover & Strong is a unique company in the jewelry industry.  All of their platinum, gold and palladium rings are made from recycled metals.  They do not buy any mined metals as they do not want to contribute to the destructive effects that mining has on the Earth.  To make one gold ring from mined metals, up to 5 tons of toxic waste is produced.  This unique American company is extremely socially and environmentally conscious of its impact on this planet.  Their mission is to bring you the most beautiful wedding ring possible with the least possible negative impact to the Earth, its people and wildlife.

Domed 950 Platinum Ring with Polished Finish
Reg: $402.00On Sale: $301.00
Domed Milgrain Edges - 14k white
Reg: $1,279.99On Sale: $819.99
Beveled Palladium Ring
Reg: $935.99On Sale: $779.99
Domed Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $300.00On Sale: $189.99
Domed Milgrain Edged Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $350.00On Sale: $199.99
Domed Milgrain Edges - 950Pt
Reg: $700.00On Sale: $479.99
Domed Polished Finish - 18k white
Reg: $300.00On Sale: $189.99
Milgrain Edged Flat Gold Ring - 18k
Reg: $750.00On Sale: $659.99

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