Can Tungsten Be Engraved?

Yes, tungsten can be engraved, which is why many people choose to have their tungsten wedding bands engraved with a custom engraving. It is very difficult to engrave tungsten rings the old fashioned way due to the extreme hardness of the material. When engraving tungsten, a laser is usually used to laser engrave tungsten rings.

Can I engrave anything onto tungsten?

Almost any design can be engraved onto tungsten rings. The most common engravings that are engraved onto tungsten wedding bands are wedding dates, anniversary dates and names. More complex designs, such as symbols or logos, should be prepared by a designer prior to engraving, to produce the most optimal engraving. It is also possible to engrave the interior of a tungsten ring as well. Engraving the inside of a tungsten ring would hide the message from others and would make the ring more personal.

Can Gold Be Engraved?


Yes, gold can be engraved. Traditionally, engravings are etched or chiseled directly into the metal by a skilled craftsman or jeweler with many years of experience. This type of engraving can be done on softer metals, such as gold, silver or platinum. Extremely hard metals, such as tungsten, require a lot more power to engrave.