Differences between Men's and Women's Wedding Bands

Differences between men's and women's wedding bands

Often times, customers believe there is a difference between men’s and women’s wedding bands. I have heard many customers ask if a certain ring style is a man’s or woman’s wedding band. It is quite understandable, given that we have men’s and women’s shoes and clothing, so why not wedding rings. Well, when it comes to wedding bands, they are much like sunglasses or cars, which means they are unisex. However, much like sunglasses or cars, there are certain wedding ring styles that men tend to prefer and certain styles that women tend to prefer. Since all wedding band styles can be worn by a man or a woman, it completely depends on what you and your partner like. There is no right or wrong ring style. As long as you like it, it’s the right ring.


Men and women tend to like different widths. The most common width that men prefer is 8 mm and the most common width for women is 4 mm. This doesn’t mean any deviation from these widths instantly makes your ring for the opposite sex. There are many men who have wedding bands as narrow as 4 mm and as wide as 12 mm. Men who prefer to not be flashy or aren’t used to wearing jewelry prefer narrower rings, while men who like a bolder look prefer wider rings. The spectrum for women tends to go from 2 mm to 8 mm. Of course, when it comes to gold or platinum the wider the ring usually means the heftier the price tag. This is why many couples opt for alternative metals, such as tungsten. Couples who choose tungsten rings have the option of going for wider rings without the added cost.


Men tend to like satin or brushed finishes, which has a similar look to the finish on the stainless steel sink in your kitchen. This is because men tend to not like polished jewelry that is shiny as they associate this with feminine jewelry styles. Another reason is because men do not have to worry about scratches showing up easily on a brushed surface. With alternative metals such as tungsten carbide however, scratches will not appear on the ring whether it is polish or brush finished. Women, as you may have guess by now, tend to love jewelry with a polished finish. They like a shiny finish as it brings attention to what they are wearing. They feel a duller finish on jewelry seems a bit masculine.


The saying used to be “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Today, men are starting to prefer diamonds in their wedding bands. Many men are comfortable wearing wedding rings with stone settings. Men do not have to only wear plain wedding bands like their fathers’ styles. The difference is men tend to wear wedding rings with one diamond. If they choose a ring style with more than one diamond, they usually go for three stones, which signify their past, present and future love for their wife. Women tend to prefer wedding bands with diamonds that circle the entire band, which signify their eternal love for their husband. That’s why rings with diamonds that go all the way around are called “Eternity Bands.”


The above are general guidelines through my observations of couples, from my years of experience helping them pick out their wedding bands. They are meant to help you understand what men and women generally look for when choosing a wedding band. I would like to reiterate, that the most important factor when choosing a wedding band is whether you like it or not. After all you are the one that has to wear it the rest of your life.