How To Choose Your Wedding Band Width


Your wedding band is one of the few pieces of jewelry you will hopefully be wearing for the rest of your life, so choosing the perfect wedding band takes as much time and research as choosing a wedding dress, your wedding colors, the perfect flowers, and all of the other details that make your wedding special. Choosing your wedding rings may actually require more time and research because while you will remember your big day forever, you'll be wearing your wedding ring forever. I know how stressful this part of the wedding prep process can be, since I just did it. You want it to be perfect, and as a woman, I know I not only want to love my wedding band on its own, I also want it to look nice with my engagement ring. My fiancé and I were lucky enough to find the perfect rings without too much searching, but I know it doesn't always work out that way, so I'm going to discuss briefly some of the different sizes that wedding rings are available in for you so you can get a bit of an idea about your options.

Thin Wedding Bands

A thin wedding band is a band that ranges in width from 1mm to 3mm. These are perfect for women with smaller hands and those who were lucky enough to be given an engagement ring with a larger stone. You don't want your wedding ring to overpower your engagement ring!

Medium Wedding Bands

These range from 4mm to 6mm and can be worn by both men and women. Thicker bands provide more opportunity for decoration than the thin bands mentioned above, so if you want a pretty and detailed wedding band that isn't too large, this may be a good option.

Thick Wedding Bands

These wedding bands are usually for men and range in size from 7mm to 10mm. The thicker bands are certainly sturdier than the thin bands and are available in styles both simple and detailed. The only reason I wouldn't necessarily recommend rings this large for women is the likelihood of a ring this size drowning out your engagement ring. Dainty rings also look lovely on dainty fingers.

Whether you want a thin, medium, or thick band, it all comes down to taste. Try a bunch of rings on - they don't necessarily have to be wedding bands - and see what looks and feels comfortable on your hand. Don't rush the decision. Matching rings are also nice but are not necessarily a must for couples today. If you and your honey can't decide on a set with a width that suits you, look around and see if you can find some with similarities that aren't necessarily meant to go together. Also, remember that any high-quality ring can be a wedding band. If you find a ring that you absolutely fall in love with and want nothing more than for that ring to be your forever ring, don't feel like just because it isn't marketed as such it can't be just that.

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