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The Best Ways to Measure Your Ring Size

The Best Ways to Measure Your Ring Size

How do I get my ring size?

There are numerous ways to obtain an estimate of your ring size, but some ways are a lot more accurate than others. The best way to get your ring size is with a ring sizer or from your local jeweler. We will review the ways that we find work better than others and why certain methods are not very accurate.

What is the best way to get my ring size?

A: The very best way to measure your ring size: measure with a Larson Jewelers Ring Sizer Kit.

This is the best way to get your ring size fast and accurately. Our ring sizer kit is a set of solid measuring rings marked with each ring's size. Our ring sizer kit matches directly with the rings that we carry so there should be no inaccuracies. Having a solid piece around your finger for measurement would give you the most accurate ring size reading possible vs. actually having a real ring. You may also take our ring sizer to your local jeweler to compare to their rings in person for research if you are deciding whether to purchase online or in person.

Measuring Your Ring Size With a Piece of Paper and a Ruler.

Is measuring my finger with paper accurate?

The most common option that is used by those that want their ring size fast is to use a regular ruler and a piece of paper wrapped around your finger. This form of measurement is definitely not very accurate and there are many variables to consider. The main problem with using this method is the difference in feel that a pliable piece of paper has around your finger vs. a stiff unbendable metallic tungsten ring. You also have to consider whether you are looking for a comfort fit ring and if so, you will not accurately be able to measure your comfort fit ring size with a piece of paper. Although this way of measuring is inaccurate, it does give you a very rough estimation of what your ring size is. This method is definitely not recommended by us!

Measuring your Ring Size with a Downloadable Ring Size Guide.

Are ring size guides accurate?

Similar to the above option of measuring your wedding band size with a piece of paper, many companies offer a downloadable guide that lets you measure with circular cut outs. These ring size guides also pose the exact same problems that measuring your ring with a piece of paper offers. You will not get a 100% accurate ring size using any form of paper measurement.

Measuring your Ring Size with a String and a Ruler.

Can I use a string to get my ring size?

Trying to get your tungsten wedding band ring size by using a string is in our opinion one of the worst ways to get your ring size. The biggest problem with using a string to get your ring size would be that strings usually stretch! When measuring your ring size, you also have to consider the width of the ring that you are looking to purchase, strings do not offer any insight into this aspect of ring measurement.

Measuring your Ring Size with a Ring Sizer From a Local Jeweler.

Can my jeweler get my ring size?

This is one of the preferred options that we suggest to obtain your ring size correctly and accurately. The reason why we recommend this option is because of the convenience and accuracy that is obtained with getting your ring size There should be many local jewelers close to you that would be glad to measure your ring size for free or for a nominal fee. This also gives you the best ring size reading if you purchase the ring from that jeweler since the ring sizing should match the rings that are carried!


Larson Jewelers understands that the look and design of the ring you order is extremely important, but an overlooked aspect of ordering rings by customers is getting an accurate ring measurement. If you are dissatisfied with the sizing of your ring after all these suggestions, your ring is covered by our industry leading lifetime size exchange warranty.

Our recommended way of measuring - use our physical Ring Sizer