The Powerful Properties Of Gemstones

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Gemstones are not only beautiful pieces to add to your personal jewelry collection, but they are thought to have some healing powers as well. Whether you like the look of your new onyx ring or you are trying to ward off feelings of depression, it never hurts to put on a great piece of jewelry. I love the fact that I have a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings to put on, but I also like the fact that diamonds are said to give clarity of mind and encourage love in relationships. Even though these stone properties are not guaranteed, they have lots of folklore behind them that they are thought to encourage positive energy and many other cool things. But of course, it is, in fact, folklore, and none of this information has been proven to be true or is guaranteed.


The diamond is the strongest gemstone on earth and honestly one of the most beautiful stones as well. It embodies strength, light, and clarity, so it's only fitting that it represents clarity of the mind, love, and relationships. The diamond is thought to help you receive your true power and be a better person for the good of humanity. It helps with emotional and intellectual clarification and is supposed to help in the decision-making process for the one who wears it. It is supposed to help you fulfill your destiny in the spiritual realm. Just as they shine in the light, they encourage the wearer to shine the light within their true self.


The deep green emerald exudes growth and wealth and carries the properties of abundance and love. Some believe that it helps to accentuate the memory and intuition. It has also been said to help someone to speak the truth or even see the future. Sometimes associated with the heart chakra, the emerald is thought to bring love to the wearer, as it helps your heart to stay centered. This helps you in your decision-making process in making important life choices regarding love.


The root chakra is the body's energy base, and the ruby, a fiery red, is directly connected to this part of the body, therefore connected to your energy flow. It boosts your energy in all areas of your life, including work, play, and even adventure, and keeps the feeling of lethargy away. Since rubies are considered to have an aphrodisiac effect, they are perfect for your love life as well. Holding properties that include love, energy, and courage, the stone activates your personal confidence, passion, adventure, and endurance. It will give you courage, vitality, energy, and enthusiasm in all areas of life.


Although the sapphire can be many different colors, the blue sapphire is the most sought-after stone of that kind. The blue stone exudes positive energy, calmness, and great intuition and is thought to be connected with one's own third eye, which encourages these three properties. Mental focus is stronger when wearing a sapphire, and you'll enhance your psychic awareness and self-assuredness. The third eye can receive insight related to wisdom and communication.


Classic and feminine, the pearl exudes calmness and honesty, as it is a pure gemstone formed by Mother Nature in the sea. Encouraging truth and light, the pearl can ward off destructive behavior and help connect you with your inner self. Created naturally by the sea mollusk from layers and layers of materials, the pearl has energy in its component minerals and is considered the ocean's medicine.


The spiritual energy in the fire of the opal is believed to take away negative energy. It enhances your self-awareness and brings emotion to the surface. It allows you to deal with negative emotion and then allows you to embrace joy in your life. The opal allows you to be able to feel the flow of your emotions and move forward with these things in your life. Encompassing unpredictability, spontaneity, inspiration, and creativity, the opal allows you to live your life and enjoy it as you go.


The black onyx represents healing and protection in life. Sometimes you may find someone who zaps your positive energy, and the onyx is believed to protect you from losing your sense of self. It helps you move through life toward your goals and allows you to stay on course. If you are sick, the onyx will help you to get back to your original healthy self and get back on track with your personal course and original life focus. Shielding you from negative energy, it helps to release feelings of depression and moodiness and allows you to feel better about yourself while calming fears and helping you feel secure again.


The lighter blue stone turquoise is thought to be the connector between Heaven and earth. Native Americans believe that it connects the mind to the universe. Turquoise is believed to align the chakras and strengthen the body's energy and process for life. It is a positive stone that rids the mind of negative thoughts and energies. It aids in solving problems and helps in self-realization and self-acceptance. Its properties include the love of nature and healing, while it helps the wearer with wisdom and truth and to embrace peace of mind.