Wood Inlays

Wooden jewelry and detailing have made a strong comeback within this past year and have become a staple trend in all categories of jewelry, especially rings. Wooden rings have countless benefits and remain subtle while showcasing a powerful statement. By using one of mother nature's best gifts, we chose the finest woods to allow for an expensive and clean look. Our wood rings showcase everything from rich mahogany to precious, rare Hawaiian koa wood. These wood inlays in our rings convey natural luxury, as wooden rings are not only eco-friendly but also very reliable and lightweight. A protective resin coating adds shine and durability, making these bands eye-catching and long-lasting to uphold to your unique style and taste. Here

What are Wood Inlays?

At Larsons we provide a wide range of wood inlayed rings for both men and woman. This beautiful accent adds a rustic touch to any engagement or promise ring. It can often be used for stacking rings while wearing multiple, as it adds effortless style and completes any look. When paired with the perfect complimentary metal it can complete the look of ant individual looking to showcase their everlasting love. We use multiple types of woods that are the finest and best quality, sealed to perfection, for a lasting expensive affect.

The KONY ring is one of our best sellers, it is paired with a dark walnut wood inlay inside of beautiful black titanium metal. This modern wedding band is a definite winner, as its details continue with a polished finished. Wooden rings are often popular due to their lightweight and durability. When paired with titanium; which has more durability than gold, platinum, and even stainless steel, It’s a popular choice for jewelry because it’s strong yet lightweight .

Titanium and wood are also both hypoallergenic, which makes this a great choice to lean towards if you or your loved one has sensitive skin.

Different Types of Wood