Professional Fingerprint Engraving


Unprepared Fingerprint


Fingerprint prepared by Larson Jewelers

At Larson Jewelers, we take pride in our work and have skilled professionals at all steps of the engraving process from start to finish. All jewelers that engrave fingerprints, handprints and footprints will have engravings that come out differently depending on many factors in the engraving process. The factors that determine the clearness, quality and visibility of your engraving are mainly the result of the metal, graphic designer and engraver.


If you didn't know already, different metals produce engravings of different colors and visibility. Tungsten laser engravings produce a dark grey engraving with an slight etched texture to them, while black tungsten engravings have a light shade of gold and gray and is smooth to the touch. The different colors that are produced is due to different types of plating and surface metals used during the manufacturing of the rings.

Graphic Designer

Many jewelers engrave fingerprints without having a graphic designer "clean" the print first. Unprepared fingerprints will usually engrave very messy and clean crisp lines will not appear clear or visible. Unprepared fingerprint engravings appear like smudges on a ring rather than a design. Although laser engraving machines are very accurate, they can only be so accurate when working with tungsten and ceramic, so a cleaner print means a clearer engraving. You don't want your ring to look like it was harshly scratched, you want it took like a design has been engraved!

Laser Engraver

Fingerprint engravings require a lot of precision and accuracy. When a laser engraver engraves any design, they have to determine the proper width and height of the engraving, alignment of the design and if the ring is complex in design (such as faceted or grooved), then the laser engraver must skillfully find a workaround to properly engrave the design onto the ring.

After years of hard work and trial and error, we believe our formula for fingerprint engraving, text engraving, handwritten engraving and custom design engraving is the best in the industry. Simply put, our process is unmatched and our engravings come out cleaner and better than the rest.