Secure Payment Options Offered

What are other ways to pay without a credit card online?

We accept payment by most major credit cards, foreign and domestic. Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover cards are accepted when checking out. We do offer alternative payment options for customers that would like to use them.

Larson Jewelers also accepts Paypal , one of the most well known and trusted internet companies to offer fast and secure alternative payment methods. Paypal's alternative checkout methods do not require you to enter your credit card information when shopping online. Although, we have a very safe and secure website, which exceeds the industry’s security standards, we understand many consumers are wary of entering in their credit card information when shopping online. Paypal offers a secure alternative method of payment and Larson Jewelers would love nothing more than to give customers piece of mind while shopping on our site.

With Paypal, you create an account with them, which means your billing, shipping, and credit card information is stored on their networks, and when checking out you sign into PayPal to authorize the transaction. This also saves you time because you do not need to re-enter in your information, and it also reduces the chance of entering incorrect shipping information since it is pulled directly from your PayPal account once the purchase is authorized. Most importantly, you never need to enter credit card information online and payment is made from Paypal directly to us.

Paypal possess their own proprietary methods to detect fraud. In case a fraudulent order does happen, just like the credit card companies, you will not be held liable for payment. Normally, if fraudulent activity is reported within 60 days, they will remove it from your account.

Chances are you probably already have an account set up with PayPal. So. This means that you do not have to waste any time setting up payment methods. In case you do not, set up time with Paypal is minimal and the best thing is once you are set up, you can shop at many other merchants that also accept Paypal.

More About Paypal

How does Paypal work?
PayPal is probably the most well known payment methods online because it has been around a very long time and is owned by Ebay. The biggest difference is, payments are taken from your PayPal account balance, or you can pay by credit card through PayPal. They even offer financing. PayPal has a service called “Bill Me Later” which allows customers to apply instantly for financing. Once qualified, any order above $99 will get 6 months financing at 0% interest. That is something the other two companies do not offer. For more information click on the PayPal icon below.