Silver Wedding Band Sets For Him And Her

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Silver Wedding Band Sets For Him And Her

Many couples prefer a cleaner gleam than gold or platinum for their wedding bands. Silver wedding band sets can be an ideal choice for wedding jewelry. Silver has a number of properties that make it perfect for wedding rings. Not only is it less expensive than gold or platinum, but it is whiter and brighter than these other metals. Larson Jewelers is proud to carry an extensive collection of Argentium silver wedding band sets.

At Larson Jewelers, the silver jewelry we offer contains only Argentium silver, manufactured in the United States. Argentium silver is an alloy of silver that contains germanium, not just the standard alloy of silver and copper. This alloy contains a minimum of 92.5 percent silver. Mixing silver with germanium is advantageous because germanium is much harder than copper. Argentium silver is strong and durable, making it an ideal alloy for jewelry. The silver and germanium alloy also resists tarnishing, which ensures that every silver wedding band set we sell will stay bright and beautiful without tedious polishing maintenance.

It's difficult to match the sheen of silver, especially in silver wedding bands. Sets of rings made from silver will glisten brilliantly on fingers, especially when they include gem settings. In fact, no other metal used for wedding rings has the same natural radiance that silver has. When it comes to matching silver wedding bands, couples have virtually endless choices in styles. Silver is exceptionally workable, so jewelers and artisans often prefer this material when making jewelry. Thus, couples may be surprised at the extensive and intricate styles available in silver wedding bands. Sets for both men and women can feature complex filigrees or gem settings at surprisingly modest prices.

Some couples seek silver matching wedding bands. His-and-hers sets are a distinctive way to symbolize a unique union. The challenge of choosing matching wedding bands for both him and her can be great, but the satisfaction of finding the perfect rings can last a lifetime. Matching wedding rings and an engagement ring purchased as a three-piece set may also be more affordable, especially in Argentium silver.

After choosing the perfect wedding bands, engraving might be the next step. Larson Jewelers is proud to offer the latest in engraving technology. To personalize their rings, couples can provide us with a personal image or message, even choosing the precise font for the engraving. Laser engraving involves burning the image or message directly into the metal surface, ensuring that it will never wear away. Another advantage of laser engraving is the finished appearance. The burning darkens the metal, making the engraving stand out boldly. Engravings can be as bold and vibrant as the person wearing the ring; some couples even go as far as engraving their and their loved one's fingerprints to make a one-of-a-kind fingerprint engraved ring.

Browse the extensive online selection of silver wedding band sets from Larson Jewelers. We have made it easy to buy online with extra assistance such as our free ring sizer. Customers just need to order the ring sizer by completing the request form, and we will mail it out within two to five business days. Larson Jewelers also stands behind every jewelry piece we sell, offering a full refund for every item within 30 days of purchase. Additional manufacturer warranties are also available.